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Amy Wilson is an artist, educator and poet from Glasgow, Scotland.

Her current areas of interest consider the emerging links between socially engaged art and 21st century learning practices, particularly the theories, tools and forms that fit the characteristics of Learning for Sustainability. Situational and experiential in nature, the projects that she has facilitated and developed are informed by interdisciplinary collaborations which focus on the generative and emerging ways in which a person’s sense of agency can take shape through the arts. Her focus on creative, physical, performative and participative encounters offers the opportunity for the development of the critical, creative and adaptive tool/skills needed for learning, living and cooperating in a changing world. 

Wilson’s most recent project took place on the Isle of Gigha, Scotland where she led a community-based series of site specific regeneration projects supported by The Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew, Grow Wild UK and the Big Lottery Fund. 

Wilson is the founder of international artist collective N_92-3, a member of Earth Charter International's Youth Network and a graduate of The Ruskin School of Art, Oxford University.  She is currently based in Vancouver, Canada where she is undertaking an MFA in Interdisciplinary Studies at the School for the Contemporary Arts at Simon Fraser University. 


Selected Exhibitions

2017: Living Objects (selected), W.I.P Group Show, Bartlett Exhibition and Performance Space, 611 Alexander Visual Art Studios, Vancouver, Canada.

2016: Scavengers Shelter
Commissioned storytelling installation for Solas Festival 2016 (Beyond Borders), Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design Programme 2016 at The Bield at Blackruthven, Perth, Scotland.

2015: Selection of Drawings
Selection of drawings and prints in aid of Rainbow Valley, Art4U Scotland Studios, Glasgow, Scotland.

2015: TC 222.303
Interactive Drawing for Ruskin Degree Show at Green Shed, Oxford, England.

2015: 191 Descriptions of 191 Bodies [Files 1-3]
Live reading for The Ruskin Shorts at Oxford Modern Art Gallery, Oxford, England. Live Broadcast for thisistomorrow, contemporary art archive, 2015.

2015: “Snarl”
Performance for Oxford University Press at Oxford University Press, Oxford, England.

2015: >unidentified_mass<
Prints and drawing for Ruskin BFA Group Show at The North Wall Arts Centre, Oxford, England.

2014: Letters
Participative action with Begehungen Festal volunteers for Begehungen Festival 2014 at The Bauruine,Rosenplatz 5, Chemnitz, Germany.

2014: Smash the Screens [Act 3]
Archive for Begehungen Festival (11) at Edika Festival Hub, Rozen Platz, Chemnitz, Germany.

2014: “Crazy horse - 1 - 8 - you_are_free_to_engage – Over”
Performance for the Edgar Wind Society, The Psychological Exhibition, Freud’s Bar, Oxford, England.

2013: “All those Screens”
Installation and poetry for Ruskin Prelim Show at Bullingdon Road Studios, Oxford, England.

2013: [a - tomos] + Quarks
Series of objects and speech for RSA Anatomy Showcase at The Ruskin School of Art, Oxford University, Oxford, England.

2013: Props for Performance
Selection of performative objects at The Ruskin School of Art, Oxford University, Oxford, England.

2012: HOMS
Painting and Installation for LSA Degree Show at The Leith School of Art, Edinburgh, Scotland. 


2017: Isle of Stories Festival 2017, Storytelling, arts, theatre, food and craft, on Isle of Gigha, Scotland.

2017: “Kirsty Boutle Solo Exhibition”, Painting and Sculpture by Kirsty Boutle at Six Foot Gallery, Glasgow, Scotland.

2017: “Render”, Sculpture, Collage and photography by Craig Black, Louise Dautheribes Mckerl and Richard Martin at Six Foot Gallery, Glasgow, Scotland.

2017: Jewellery Showcase, Jewellery by Paulina Knapik and Sandra Zinkuté at Six Foot Gallery, Glasgow, Scotland.

2016: “Raven Makes the World”, Prints by printmaking workshop participants at Solas Festival 2016, Solas Festival 2016 (Beyond Borders), Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design Programme 2016, The Bield at Blackruthven, Perth, Scotland.

2016: “Council of Animals”, workshops participants at Solas Festival 2016 (Beyond Borders), Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design Programme 2016, The Bield at Blackruthven, Perth, Scotland.


Wilson is the founder of artist collective N_92-3. Established in 2016,  N_92-3 unites a group of international artists. 

"Although divided by our physical locations, we have come together in our desire to make meaningful sense of our lives through artistic practice. We speak, live and create in different ways, yet we are all storytellers looking to enlarge our horizons. Together we are stronger. We create opportunities for ourselves and others, we learn from one another through acts of making and in community we help each other carry more complex projects."


Isle of Gigha School and Pre-Five Unit, Isle of Gigha, Scotland. 

[April 2017 - August 2017] 

As Artist in Residence and Development Officer for Sustainability and Innovation Wilson oversaw the delivery of creative projects which supported the Schools Education for Sustainable Development programme. 

Earth Charter Inspired Project Season, Spring 2017
The Earth Charter in a universal expression of ethical principles to foster a more sustainable future. As part of this learning programme workshops introduced students aged 5-11 to key Ecoliteracy concepts through places based learning adventures. Concepts explored included: Ecosystems, Decomposition and Plastic in the Oceans. This series was supported by Earth Charter International and the Earth Charter Youth Network. 
Glorious Gardens Project Season, Summer 2017
This course merged the teaching of Botany with the essential skills of digital journalism. Skills in Botanical Drawing, Sculpture, film and photography are introduced in this course. Amy also managed the Isle of Gigha School Community Gardening Club which aims to provide the school community with locally grown, organic fruit and vegetables. This involves the teaching of garden design and basic construction and horticultural skills. 
BEE WILD! Learning Garden, Autumn 2017 
The creation of a new learning garden and series of micro regeneration projects on the school grounds sponsored by Grow Wild UK, Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew and Big Lottery Fund.

Begehungen Festival (11), Chemnitz, Germany.

[July 2014 - August 2014]
As Artist in Residence Wilson was commissioned to create publicly engaged art works within the city of Chemnitz. Her work with the festival culminated in the creation of site specific works focusing on Human Rights storytelling involving locals, volunteers and Begehungen artists.

Big Stuff Enterprise Ltd, Glasgow, Scotland.

[July 2010 - August 2013]
As Artist in Residence Wilson created, delivered and developed intergenerational arts workshops and programmes that aimed to promote global citizenship and sustainable living. Additionally she facilitated volunteer training for several projects which saw young volunteers working in festival environments to support the running of youth and children’s arts programming. 


2015: >Body 27<, Ruskin Degree Show Catalogue 2015, Oxford University Press, June 2015.

2014: “Commands for Matter Estate”, Begehungen Festival 2014 Catalogue, Begehungen Print, August 2014.

2014: “Check out this Vision" with Irina Iordache, A RUSKIN MAGAZINE [text], ISSUE 5, Oxford Printmakers Co-operative, June 2014.

2014: “Every dog is King, Bitch”, A RUSKIN MAGAZINE [image], ISSUE 5, Oxford University Press, June 2014.

2014: "Crazy horse - 1 - 8 - you_are_free_to_engage – Over >> loading....”, Edgar Wind Society Magazine, Hillary ISSUE, May 2014.

2013: “Redirect the energy flow, distill the mass, give weight to time”, Oxford Left Review Magazine, ISSUE 10, June 2013. 


2017: Steven Shane Annual Graduate Entrance Scholarship, Simon Fraser University, British Columbia,


2017: Graduate Fellowship, Simon Fraser University, British Columbia, Canada.

2017: Scottish Book Trust Live Literature Award, Scottish Book Trust.

2017: Transform a Space Award 2017, Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew, Grow Wild UK, Big Lottery Fund.

2017: Scholarship for Leadership, Ethics and Sustainability, Earth Charter International, University of

Peace, UNESCO.

2016: Artist Bursary Award, Year of Innovation, Year of Architecture, Innovation and Design Programme,

Solas Festival 2016 (Beyond Borders).

2015: Performance Award, The Ruskin Shorts with Oxford Modern Art Gallery.

2014: Artist Residency Award, Begehungen Festival (11).

2014: Runner up for Exhibition, Pirye Prize, Oxford University Press.

2012: Fine Art Prize, The Leith School of Art.

2011: Community Service Award (silver for 100 hours), Millennium Volunteers Programme.