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THE WAR SERIES - Drawings and Prints

gallery with brevity code chalk boards and LINK TO TRANSCRIPTIONS


the Psychological Exhibition, Freud's Bar Oxford in association with the Edgar Wind Society, Oxford, March 4th 2014.

Secured downloads 1 - 26, office supply plastic folders, paper, ink, office glue, cardboard, recycled glass sand, oil, water, red pigment, bandages, military surplus tarps, nails, wire, 200 plus bodies.  

Duration: 3 hours. 

         1- Crazy - horse 1- 8 

                2- you_are_free_to_engage

                 3- Over

For your consideration

The performance, Crazy - horse 1 - 8 you_are_free_to_engage - Over” took place during the censorship of the collateral murder files and featured the secured downloads of the uncensored files in the form of printed and transcribed materials. A participatory intervention was instigated at a public event, where domestic tools were offered among crowds with the direction that they were “free_to_engage”.

Director of Photography: Irina Iordache

Camera Man: Griffin Rees