We believe that an artistic practice can take any form and can begin to take shape at any age. Our tutoring service seeks to support your creative growth through a tailored programme of teaching and mentorship.

Pick and Mix from our range of sessions to create your own learning experience.

Portfolio Preparation and Review 

Our one to one tutoring sessions for portfolio preparation and review offer you the chance to develop a portfolio that meets your needs and ambitions. 

Together with your tutor you will discuss what you are looking to achieve and your tutor will set you a range of challenges and tasks to help you generate materials for your portfolio. The sessions include periodical review of your work, to tailor your portfolio, develop critical thinking skills and help you chart your progress. 

What our sessions cover: 

  • New approaches to researching, investigating and developing artworks and projects. 
  • New techniques and processes through our intro-advanced tutorials in drawing, painting, sculpture and object making, performance and printmaking.
  • Introduction to using and creating sketchbooks suitable for your practice.  
  • Introduction to new and emerging forms of artistic practice, via our organised gallery trips, research tours and recommended reading lists.

Hone your skills and deepen your understanding of your own practice. the issues that are important to you.  

Your tutor will help you critical examine your practice as well as mentor you through the process of finding practical and creative solutions to challenges you face. We create tutoring sessions suitable for a time scale, pace and learning structure that works for you. 

Art in Theory 

Our Art in Theory sessions aim to help you develop visual language and literacy skills through written and practical lessons. In these sessions we will explore the work of artists, art movements and artworks from the 1950's to the present day within your areas of interest. 

What our sessions offer: 

  • Combined lecture and discussion sessions on topics and areas of art history you are interested in learning about.  
  • Sessions focused on pre-1950's movements and artists that feature in Higher and Advance Higher SQA course work.
  • Tutoring sessions for reviewing written course work and texts.
  • Series of set tasks and challenges that will help you develop the skills needed to read, write and discuss, artworks, artists and movements.
  • Essay writing skills workshops. 

Artist Tool Box

Our Artist Tool Box Sessions offer assistance with Our tool box tutoring sessions help you strengthen and develop the reach of your framework.

It always helps to get a second opinion and an extra set of hands when beginning to tackle revamps and digitisation projects. 


  • Writing personal statements
  • Artists statements and texts 
  • Artist CV's


  • Creating an online presence
  • Building a professional and creative website. 
  • Introduction to using social media.


  • Assist with the documentation of artworks and offer advice on best practice.
  • Planning sessions and mentorship through digital portfolio making. 

Who our sessions are for?

Anyone who is interested in developing an artistic practice no matter your age or level of experience. We work with secondary school students to support their learning and preparation for exams. We also offer sessions that mentor students and lifelong learners through portfolio preparations needed for entry into higher education courses. 

 Who are our tutors?

Our tutors are all alumna of The Ruskin School of Fine Art, Oxford University, The UK and world's top ranked Art School. All our tutors are creative practitioners under the age of 25 and are members of the international artist collective Nomad92-3. You can view tutor profiles here online. References can be provided on request. 

How does it work?

Fill out our online enquiry form below for a free consultation. Our consultations give you the chance to find out more about the sessions available and we will work with you to determine your needs and what you are looking to achieve. If you are interested, we will create a personalised programme of sessions to suit your needs, aims and interests.

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