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'Beyond Borders' - SOLAS 2016

This June I was delighted to be selected for Scotland's Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design Programme at Solas Festival 2016.  

Solas Festival theme for this year was 'Beyond Borders' which looked to offer festival goers the chance to explore the concept of boundaries, from freedom of movement to the tangible and intangible boundaries that govern our world.

My programme for Solas 2016 was inspired by Ancient Canadian Trickster Tales. Spanning cultural divides, Trickster is one of the oldest figures in oral history. As a source of laughter, learning and renewal, Trickster tales celebrate the kind of adaptive and provocative thinking needed to enliven the physical and internal borders that govern our understanding of the world. Every society has its sense of in or out, right or wrong, sacred or profane, male or female, old or young, living or dead. As the figure standing at the crossroads, Trickster challenges the governing forces of borders old and new; crossing, drawing, erasing, and shifting the lines of the threshold to offer us new tools for living in a rapidly changing world.

Over the festival weekend Amy Wilson Arts presented a programme of creative encounters. Our Scavengers Shelter played host to a collection of Trickster Tales and in true Trickster fashion, we offered the opportunity for festival goers to learn new skills and explore their own 'beyond borders' stories through printmaking and sculpture sessions in our outdoor workshop. Our participants work was exhibited in the space, transforming our shelter over the festival weekend. 

Solas’s founding year was the first festival I had ever been involved in, it got me hooked. Since then I have created works, performed and run workshops at several arts festival’s including Begehungen Festival in Chemnitz, Germany. I love being outdoors, transforming spaces and offering creative encounters in unexpected places, Solas 2016 was no exception. 

Amy Wilson