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Isle of Gigha School: Plant Swap

To celebrate the end of  Isle of Gigha School Gardening Week the Achamore Gardens Trust hosted a wonderful Plant Swap and Afternoon Tea at the Isle of Gigha Village Hall. The afternoon was a wonderful opportunity for visitors and locals to exchange plants with fellow gardeners, sample some fabulous local baking and support the development of the School’s Gardening Projects. From seedlings to trees and shrubs, plants were exchanged like for like.   

The School’s Projects include: The Gigha School Veg Pallet Gardens, The award winning Keep Scotland Beautiful: One Planet Picnic Garden designed by Bailey Bannatyne which will be on show at Gardening Scotland 2017 and The BEE WILD! project; a micro restoration project on the school grounds supported by Grow WildKew Gardens and the Big Lottery Fund


One Planet Picnic Pocket Gardens is a competition run by environmental charity Keep Scotland Beautiful. 

"The competitions provides a great opportunity for pupils aged 3-18 to investigate our plant and food heritage, celebrate our culture and build and develop creative design skills.  This year it is part of their Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology partner programme." 


The brief for the designers had three elements:

  1. To create the garden from something which would otherwise be thrown away.
  2. To create a garden using a mix of plants that could be eaten. 
  3. To create a garden which attracts biodiversity. 

This year four students from Isle of Gigha submitted work to the competition with a fantastic range of innovative design. The completion was judged by Members of the Garden for Life Forum with outstanding results for Isle of Gigha School. Bailey Bannatyne's Isle of Gigha Garden was selected as one of this years winners! Her work will be on show at Gardening Scotland 2017,  Scotland's premiere gardening and outdoor living show this June. AWA will be visiting the Festival this year and we look forward to seeing her work in full bloom!

Image Curtesy of Isle of Gigha Primary School. © 2017 AWA. 

Image Curtesy of Isle of Gigha Primary School. © 2017 AWA. 


First I had to think about what I was going to do so I talked with my family about it. I thought about doing a map of Scotland made out of different food plants, but then I thought maybe not. My dad and I went for a walk around the Isle of Gigha and saw so many different flowers. I wanted to make a garden that was a map of that so I went home and we decided on the plan.

On the plan I have put these things: 

  • Watercress - for the golf course
  • Achamore Gardens – because it is so colourful (mixed leaf chard is very colourful too)
  • Heather with purple leaves – because it grows on Gigha    and the bees love it for food
  • Nasturtium flowers - for our golden beaches  
  • Giant’s tooth standing stone - driftwood because it looks like a tall piece
  • Pebbles  - for the coastline
  • Mini king palm trees - because we have lots of them here
  • Windmills made of recycled plastic – because our dancing ladies help us to have lots of renewable energy and we are all trying our best to reduce, reuse and recycle.   
  • Blue lobelia  - for the sea  
  • Mixed herbs - for the grass and hills because our grass helps our cows to make lovely creamy milk
  • Painted stones - for the houses and buildings. 

I don’t usually garden at home so I am looking forward to making this garden and getting it to look really beautiful. I am looking forward to painting the houses and to drawing out the actual size of the island using soil and sand. I think that growing the flowers and plants might be hard so I will need help with that. 

My mum and dad helped me and I am very happy with my design. It is going to be great up in Edinburgh, especially when people see our lovely island all made from flowers.       

By Bailey Bannatyne

Image Curtesy of Isle of Gigha Primary School. © 2017 AWA. 

Image Curtesy of Isle of Gigha Primary School. © 2017 AWA. 

We had a brilliant time at the Isle of Gigha Village Hall for the the Isle of Gigha School: Plant Swap. Plants were swapped, cake was eaten and the gardening buzz of the summer was in full swing in our mini pavilion. Big thanks to the Achamore Gardens Trust for hosting us and to all those who attended and donated plants and funds! We raised  £131.23 which will be put towards the school's gardening projects! Once again congrats to Bailey Bannatyne who's award winning One Planet Picnic Pocket Garden will be on show at Gardening Scotland 2017! 

BEE WILD! our series of micro restoration projects supported by Grow WildKew Gardens and the Big Lottery Fund will launch this June. For the latest news on the BEE WILD! project watch this space.