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New works from my latest series Living Objects (2018) are currently on show at Audian Gallery at Simon Fraser University's School for Contemporary Arts as part of the MFA Spring Show 2018: Gallimaufry. 

Living Objects (2018) is concerned with the points of relation where human constructions and nonhuman constructions meet. As mycelium grows, it comes into contact with its environment, forming networks, patterns of relationality, and conduits through which energy can be distributed to other organisms. Mycelium is a gateway species that opens the door for other forms of biological life to thrive. It allows us to observe and experience relations of matter formation and energy distribution, in real time.

Living Objects (2018) investigates the capacity of mycelium spores to produce shapes, textures, colours, densities, and structures of resonance over the course of their natural lifespan. This has produced a series of live collaborations through which living works have been cultivated.

The MFA Spring Show: Gallimaufry is open from the 3 - 12th May 2018. The MFA Spring Show 2018 also features works from artists Graeme Wahn, Minahil Bukhari and Jennifer Anderson. This exhibition is paralleled by performances and enactments in the studios and theatres at SFU's SCA created by Brian Postalian and Company, Jennifer Anderson, and Alexandre Klinke. For more information check out the Audain Gallery website. To book tickets for Spring Show Performances visit the SCA online.  


AWA's Learning Programme for 2017 launched in March with the start of our Spring Workshops Season.  


Our Spring Season Workshops are inspired by the Earth Charter, a universal expression of ethical principles to foster a more sustainable future. As part of our learning programme these workshops will be the first in a series which will introduce students aged 5 -11 to key Ecoliteracy concepts through placed based learning adventures. AWA is delighted to be partnering with Isle of Gigha Primary School to facilitate the start of this new workshop series. 

Our first workshop introduced the process of decomposition to students through a costal Litter Hunt and a group drawing session. The second half of this workshop explored plastics in the marine environment through global and local case studies and the creation of collage works by students.  

Our Systems Thinking Workshop centred around a coastal expedition where students identified and gathered living things. Group drawings at our beach lab introduced the concept of ecosystems and gave the opportunity for students to express and explore the relationships between living things, their environment and human beings. A huge thank you to Amrutha Krishna R, Annabelle Action-Bond, Victor Okechukwu from Earth Charter International's Ethics, Leadership and Sustainability Programme 2017 and Sarah Dobson from Earth Charter International for their input and support for this workshop. 


AWA's workshops change from season to season.  To find out more about our other workshops and our 2017 Learning Programme visit our learning pageYou can also sign up to our news letter for updates on all our learning services through out the year and stay connected with live updates via our social media.